From £1600



To reduce the time and resources required to load any given webpage or site.


A smoother user experience, (often) sub-second page loads and a marked increase in conversions.


A tighter, more logical codebase that’s easier to work with. Happier developers and fewer bugs are other nice side effects.


Removing unnecessary or duplicated assets and restructuring and optimising what remains.

In the rush to meet deadlines and ship features, performance is often one of the first things that gets sacrificed. It’s much easier to just write some new CSS or use a JS package than it is to properly integrate the changes into the existing code.

This audit provides you with a path back to a fast, logical and stable codebase.

After getting access to your codebase and discussing any areas of concern that you already have, I’ll work out how to best optimise your website. You’ll be provided a report with a full break down of where you site needs attention, along with tailored examples of how remedy your specific issues and prevent them happening again.

The practical result of this exercise is an improved codebase, less headaches for your development team and a faster experience for your users. In real-world terms it will often boost your conversion rates and assist with your ranking in search results.